Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Elvis Costello - "The Stiff Demos Jan 1977" (Bootleg)

More Elvis......this time Solo Elvis, probably before Stiff renamed him, so, solo Declan.
These recordings emphasize  how important The Attractions were to make him a more, uhumm, Attractive proposition. With them these tunes became rocking classics, without them they are just rather annoying. Its the voice more than anything that gets on ones proverbial 'Tits'. The sneery karaoke americanisms tend to grate somewhat.....but the potential was there to be noted, especially lyrically. From here to 'This Years Model' was a gigantic leap.Full marks to the Stiff Records staff for inventing the new wave Elvis .
Recorded in January 1977.

Track Listing:

1 Welcome to the Working week
2 Blue Miracle
3 Miracle man
4 Waiting for the End of The world
5 Call On Me
6 Red Shoes
7 I Don't Wanna Go Home
8 I Hear a Melody

DOWNLOAD a demonstrative stiff HERE!

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