Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - "Land of Hope and Anchor (Live at the Hope and Anchor 14/05/1980)" (Bootleg)

Elvis goes back to his roots in 1980, minus Steve Nieve who got injured in a car accident,so here he's replaced by the guitarist from The Rumour and Ducks Deluxe (Martin Belmont) to up the Pub Rock credentials.
So this is a rare chance to hear The Attractions with a double guitar does sound like there's something missing however,but a ferocious performance nonetheless.


01. Temptation (3:11)
02. Help Me (3:00)
03. I Stand Accused (2:43)
04. One More Heartache (2:47)
05. Secondary Modern (2:20)
06. Little Sister (3:10)
07. High Fidelity (2:37)
08. Lipstick Vogue (3:46)
09. Waiting For The End Of The World (3:07)
10. Don't Look Back (4:21)
11. Girls Talk (2:00)
12. Watching The Detectives (6:16)
13. You Belong To Me (3:03)
14. Oliver's Army (3:16)
15. Pump It Up (4:58)

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Unknown said...

This series on the Hope and Anchor blows me away. I had the first post on vinyl and love it....sad such venues are things of the past...and so are the bands....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well...the Hope and Anchor is still going as a venue, and now has an upstairs theatre as well....but....the bands are indeed long gone. Live music has largely been sanitised ,the groups have shiny new equipment, the dirt,the stink and sweat of real Rock'n'Roll has been cleaned away. Gentrified, like the inner cities and, even worse, Football!'s fucked!