Thursday, 4 August 2016

Elvis Costello - "Rusty Demos 1973" (Bootleg)

Delving deeper into the dark past of Pub Rock success story Elvis Costello, even before Flip City, and the R Whites TV commercial ,he was in a folksy duo called "Rusty", with chum Alan Mayes.
Liverpool was not in California in 1973, but there's a lorra lorra Laurel Canyon influences on this charming demo tape. Its probably better than most of Declan's post-1980 career, and a good part of his pre-1977 outings too.

Track Listing:

1-Are You Afraid Of Your Children
2-Love Is Like Everything
3-Warm House
4-Separate Ways
5-Hemlock Tree
6-Silver Minute

DOWNLOAD some rusty demos HERE!


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Iam a lazy arse , so thank yous will be minimal.
Any site that has Bogshead Big Flame Mekons has to worth a visit.
Section 25 makes me fell old. The Pub Rock stuff is a history lesson.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'm a lazy arse too,so I won't reply.