Thursday, 19 November 2015

Muslimgauze ‎– "Jazirat-Ul-Arab" (Limited Editions ‎– LIMITED 5) 1987

Its that Dead Muslimgauze bloke again, banging on about the middle east like a musical OCD, or ,more appropriately, an IED.
Lots of repetitive over-programmed drum samples  battle out with ambient drones,and middle eastern 'found sounds.
Would make fine background music while you read the propaganda in your national newspaper justifying the illegal bombing of Syria,and how your government is rushing through more 'snoopers charters' for your own security.The French Government is now considering making 'Conspiracy Theories' illegal!?


A1Arms Of The Koran
A2The Divine Cause

DOWNLOAD a soundtrack for an air attack HERE! 


Anonymous said...

'that dead Muslimgauze bloke again'


Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, probably the most prolific 'Beyond the Grave' recording artiste of all time?....unless anyone knows better that is?

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it have been interesting to see if Jones, with his outspoken, dogmatic opinions would have flown into the radar of the 24/7 news cycle and brought a lot of unwanted attention to Soleilmoon and Staalplaat? would they have been forced to camp out in their warehouses, standing by with fire extinguishers, for a possible redneck grudge attack on their strangled free speech? my suspicion is that Jones would have gained a lot of unwanted popularity in these times, and he wouldn't have done well with it. I liked his music, and I have no personal interest in his politics. I doubt the world would have been so kind to him and his mouth.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Repetative dogma is fucking irritating and above all, boring. But i have to say he has a point,which is increasingly unpopular in a western world where morons like Donald trump are suggesting the registration of all muslims.e are sleep walking into some new kind of nazism! There is something admirable about holding a political opinion that is diametrically opposite to the accepted norm......But.....don't bang on about it on your records!....even in heaven surrounded by those legendary virgins.

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