Monday, 30 November 2015

Big City Orchestra ‎– "Substance Abuse" (The Subelectrick Institute) 1988

This one is more or less a Haters/BCO anti-supergroup,or poopergroup if you'd rather.Featuring noise cyclops G.X. Jupitter Larsen(the Haters),and occasional buddy AMX (Sometimes Hater).
They take us on a journey from that same old Freezer Centre again on track one, full of  humming and whirring refrigeration systems. Sending you sleeping to track two,to spend a night inside  the storage compartment of a vast empty oil tanker.
The third track finds the repairs team shoring up the tanker walls after it's ran aground,ironically leaking in the polluted dead waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
We end with the foundering tanker sinking slowly beneath the scummy ocean surface to rest on a barren sea bed covered with human detritus.
Its definitely BCO in subtle doom mode,and,in my opinion, one of their better C-60's.


A1Wait Til Autumn
A2Work A Little Harder
B1A Soft Answer
B2Work Harder Reprise

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Thomas said...

One of the best BCO k7's I've heard!
Thank you.
More BCO, please!!!

Mary said...

Thanks for this jewel!
Waiting for the next!