Monday, 9 November 2015

Consumer Electronics ‎– "Crowd Pleaser" (45rpm 12" vinyl - Hand To Mouth 1) 2009

Well, might as well have something from the reactivated version of Consumer Electronics.
This is from 2009,on limited edition vinyl.Its very short but rather ferocious.Philip Best busts several bloodvessels in an attempt to fill the hole left by  an absent Whitehouse.
The fuuuuuming Mr Best is LIVID. Ranting over the usual minimal electronic noise, spitting out words with venomous bitterness and ruthless sarcasm. Edited together like a a machine gun firing out digital spittle in your direction. Like a BNP(British working class nazi's) member confronting an asylum seeker.
Crowd pleaser this probably isn't, except for the small gatherings who loyally turn up for this abuse.The vast majority of the population would run a mile from this onslaught.That is why they are now found touring with Sleaford Mods, who are a more poetic,tuneful, and danceable version of Consumer Electronics basically;but they guarantee a crowd to please, or otherwise. 


A1Hand To Mouth
A3Crowd Pleaser
A4Parking Lot
B1Oily Possibilities

DOWNLOAD this shower of digital spittle HERE!


Wreck said...

Best's vocals are rad on this one. By the way, do you happen to have the "Torture Music" tape from Best's Iphar Clinic project?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, "Torture Music" is up next.