Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Problemist ‎– "Pop Religion Is Love" (A.R.P.H. Tapes ‎– AT 002) 1982

If Pop didn't exist we'd have to invent it, so we did, and now it doesn't exist.The only religion is Money and Fear.The Banking mafia provide the money,and those cesspits of child abuse,the churches,mosques, and synagogues, provide the fear. Which nicely introduces us to the barely controlled No Wave-ish free punk of Problemist.The rudimentary drumming,with emphasis on 'Drum' singular,and the blasts of stream of consciousness sax blowing, reminds one of early Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, before James Chance left to get funky. Less visceral than Lydia Lunch's paint stripping intensity,but effectively primitive in its unstructured chaos. William Davenport,Mr Problemist, wanted to make punk music that sounded like what he thought 'Punk' music should sound like.Which ,one must agree, is the correct, and pure approach to 'punk' philosophy........and I think he has succeeded?


A1 A Thousand
A2 Don't Worry About Me
A3 Why Was I Born
A4 Pop Religion Is Love
A5 Release Of Eden
A6 A Prayer
A7 501
A8 Dear Monica
A9 Your Waiting
A10 No No..
A11 Hundreds Of Virgins
A12 Proper Priestly Training
B1 God Kills Fun
B2 Diet Of Worms
B3 Bolero Crash
B4 Human Accident
B5 Bolero Crash Cont.
B6 Rock Me To Sleep
B7 Superstitions
B8 Hector
B9 5 Minute Affair / Shut The Tape Off

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