Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Illusion Of Safety ‎– "Fifteen" (Complacency Productions ‎– CPC-15) 1990

Scraping, abrasive,droning,ambiance,not unlike a field recording of a shipyard; following the construction of a huge container ship,from its inception, through its launch, to its demise.As if torpedoed by a phantom world war one U-boat, slowly breaking its back,and sinking below the black waves of a dead sea.Laden with a cargo of container, upon container, of Remington Fuzz away's, Ronco Pop-a-Matics,and Foot spa's.
If only a friendly U-Boat of natural justice would come and save us from this earth-rape! Come friendly torpedoes (or tor-paedoes,for we could use politician child abusers and strap explosives to their crotches?) and Sink these evil corporations; id this our only Hope!
This tape would be a great soundtrack to this saliva inducing fantasy.Maybe use War Criminal, and rumored Sex-Pest, Tony Blair,as the first Tor-paedo?Better still,hows about packing Royal Rapist, Prince Andy's fat sweaty guts with Semtex, and launching him at the Shitehouse?.....Mmmmm sweet dreams tonight!?


A1 7-26-88: Live In Dekalb
A2 8-13-88: Live In Pittsburg
A3 Temple Set: Studio 4-Track
A4 New Game: Studio 4-Track
B1 7-21-87: Live In Dekalb
B2 10-30-88: Pain Studio Live
B3 11-13-88: Pain Studio Live

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - you rock!!! :) Peace!

Anonymous said...

JZ for president!

Jonny Zchivago said...

thank you...my first act as President will be to abolish the office of President,after nationalizing the Banks(without compensation),reducing income tax to 10%for everyone with an earnings cap of 100,000 new credit based currency units,and making food and housing a human right.Finally,ordering the demolition of the Pentagon and any other similar organisation. Unfortunately we will still need some kind of Police,to concentrate on crimes against the person,and upholding human rights. Is this uptopian?...whatever!,its gotta be better than the dystopia we got now!?