Sunday, 22 February 2015

LXSS (Laxative Souls) ‎– "Desinfektionsraum" (Multiple Configuration ‎– LXSS G) 1984

Oh fucking 'ell, Nazi influenced track titles.....Yawn! Arbeit Macht Frei......Groan!......From the home of Fascism and the only country to declare war on all sides in WW2......yep, its more Italian Industrial,from the awfully monikered 'Laxative Souls'(aka Roberto Marinelli);thankfully contracted to LXSS.If it couldn't get any worse, there's some Porn loops as well!Predictably of a female's sex groans. So no prizes guessing(not gassing) as to the demographic this record is aimed.That's right, the almost exclusively male, Industrial fan.The Loner with a Boner,in between viewings of 'Shoah',and bashing the bishop to some saucy  internet mucky movie.
Tired clichés ,they may have been, by 1984.If you like Industrial music,it will not disappoint.As it says on Wikipaedia:"He(Roberto Marinelli) mainly worked with raw electronics, distorted vocals, concrete sounds, self assembled electronic circuits, and sample sources, such as news broadcasts, documentaries and recordings"(!?);you mean,like every other single fucking Industrial group? However it would have been improved by dropping the Nazi angle,or at least making it a bit more subtle.
Can't fault the cover though,a fine piece of art indeed.


A1 "N. N." 9:46
A2 Arbeit Macht Frei 13:56
A3 Genickschuss 7:11
B Stehzelle 30:34

DOWNLOAD as any good laxative would do,HERE!


slacker said...

"loner with a boner"


Chris S said...

Thanks Jonny! You've been on a roll! Appreciate all these great tunes. Wondering if you might have anything from Italian musician DECA, the Italian 'alchemist'? Thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry, no DECA. wasn't he a bit Tangerine Dream'y?

Chris S said...

Thanks anyway Jonny! I'd describe the one I know best 'Coma Flowers' more as John Carpenter'y than Tangerine Dream'ish but along the same lines. 1980's soundtrack-style. Here's a taste.

Thanks for all the great musics!