Friday, 5 May 2017

Chorchazade – "Death Is Eeklo" (Unreleased) 1988

We have a short break in our stay in South Wales, and briefly return back across the Severn Bridge to Bristol via Penzance, as some kind person has provided us with the missing Unreleased Chorcazade album from the famed mass group extinction year of 1988. The strangely titled "Death Is Eeklo".
Here,they sound like a intriguing mix between early Felt and a Josef K 45 played at 33rpm, although the Slint parallel remains.
Production values are up on the "Made To Be Devoured" album.As are the number of unfathomable words like 'Eeklo' and the unpronounceable group moniker,which is apparently pronounced thus: Cork-ah-zayde!?


01) Night Ferry
02) Laughing Gasman
03) Amorous Gasman
04) Wheel
05) Treacletime
06) Checkered Soul
07) Smiling Wessex Ghost
08) Neat Around Nought



pinkpressthreat said...

Each release so different from the previous - intriguing indeed! Cheers Jonny and whomever it was sent the files :)

Belgian Bloke said...

Eeklo is a place in Belgium. Which doesn't make it any less strange, of course.
Cheers to this chronically amazing blog!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, as disappearing on a tour of Belgium is part of their mythology, i think that nugget of information throws a good amount of light on the situation.
Thanks Belgian Bloke.

Judas Vigilante said...

I searched for Made to be devoured and death is eeklo for about 3 hrs on the web about a week ago, with no luck. Mutant sounds was the closest. I don't drop in for a few days and you pull this shit! Fucking genius! May all your dreams come true JZ. Respect bro'.

Scabedy Hibedy Babedy Boo said...

"Checkered Soul" is amazing!
Love this site, Jonny.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think you may be correct Scabedy.

chris46 said...

Eeklo is indeed in Belgium. The pic on the back was taken the morning after our last ever gig. The pics on the front from 1984/5. There isn't plenty more where that came from.
Chris (guitar)