Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ramleh ‎– "31/5/1962 - 1982" (Broken Flag ‎– BF1) 1982

Isn't that Adolf Eichmann, the epitome of 'The Banality of Evil'(H.Arendt 1963) on the cover? Oh the Banality of Nazi Imagery on Industrial Cassettes.
The title is a reference to the day the desk bound book-clerk of genocide was sentenced to hang. Which, in a very inefficient non-Eichmann way, is incorrect; because it was delayed long enough for the sentence to be carried out on the 1st of June instead.
Eichmann's defense was that he was just doing his job, and was only obeying the law of the sovereign state in which he worked.Which I suppose is quite true?
In fact ,it can be argued that he didn't even contravene any existing international law at the time of his actions.'Crimes against Humanity' and 'Genocide' were only crimes retroactively. 
Also, Adolf was diagnosed as being officially saner than you or me by a fleet of shrinks. What this episode in legal history tells us is that, Nazi's were all too Human, and the real Monsters on this planet are the Human race as a whole, with a small,silent, 'W' at the beginning. It clearly doesn't take much for any of us, despite what you may think of yourself, to implicate ourselves in the most monstrous crimes, no matter how much you can justify your blameless existence to yourself. Lord knows I have met endless numbers of Little Eichmann's in the offices and institutions of England and France over the years to know that this is true.
The best way to avoid being tried for war crimes in the future is Don't get an office job.Evil can really be that Banal!

Ramleh effortlessly capture the Banal horror of the hidden human animal in electronic circuit fried versions of scraping ones finger nails down a sonic blackboard; before having them pulled out by a balding ,bespectacled office clerk.


A1 Suction 3:03
A2 Throatsuck 5:39
A3 Deathtoll 4:08
B1 Ramleh 5:10
B2 May 31 9:38
B3 1962 8:54


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Amazing, thank you very much!

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Disturbingly funny and ultimately true!

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Well put.

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