Saturday, 18 July 2015

Gary Wilson ‎– "You Think You Really Know Me" (Self Released) 1977

I was going down an Outsider Music route,but got distracted. Although some 'Outsider Music' hacks think of Sun Ra ,Captain Beefheart, and Syd Barrett as 'Outsider Music', which is utter bollocks.
Gary Wilson, now there's an Outsider(I mean just look at him?),probably a 25 year old virgin(by the sound of the lyrical content);he recorded this creepy funk/soul workout in his mother's cellar,self-released(or is that Self-reliefed?) and financed it it himself. This is the sound of sexual repression, more famously thrust down our throats by the almost as creepy Barry White;but even he never made such a weird perv-out as the unfathomable "6.4=make Out". I don't even wanna think what that could possibly mean?
The music is so slick,in that funky porno soundtrack kinda way,that you wouldn't be surprised to hear this in the top ten in 1977 sandwiched between 'God save the Queen' and Rod Stewart; and lyrically it sits very comfortably with the shit creepy teenage poetry that many a modern R&B dick'ead churns out today!
He's an unlikable lecherous nerd, the tunes are toe-curlingly bad,and worst of all, he means it! Thats why you should embrace this milestone of wrongness to your missus.


Another Time I Could Have Loved You
You Keep On Looking
6.4 = Make Out
When You Walk Into My Dreams
You Were Too Good To Be True
Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach
I Wanna Lose Control
You Think You Really Know Me
Chromium Bitch
And Then I Kissed Your Lips

DOWNLOAD HERE! = make ouuuuuut!


Anonymous said...

No link.

Steve D said...

An all time favorite. The troops NEED this one!

Steve D said...

..."HERE" no worky.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Whoops! A small oversight......Link now worky.

pinkpressthreat said...

ah haha ta very much!

the saucer people said...

Before I forget - me likey these 320 rips.

Not come across Gary Wilson before, which is clearly an unforgivable oversight on my part and why I visit DIEORDIY2 of course. Yeah, this is excellent - at times like Suicide go lounge and I love the way the seventies porno-groove of You Keep On Looking is followed by the 6.4=Make Out.

I totally agree about the ridiculousness of calling Sun Ra, Syd or Beefheart, or indeed The Residents, outsider music - Of course, 'outsider music' is in the ear of the beholder, but I think often it is the way the character and life-story of the person making the music seems to seamlessly and effortlessly reflect the music and lyrics they create.

I remember a Burroughs interview from years ago when he made the point that he would still have a need to write, even if he was alone on a desert island for the rest of his life - that the audience was irrelevant (which I guess is an analog of N. Senada's theory of obscurity) - that for me is the mark of true 'outsider music'.

PS> Couldn't find an online copy of the Gary Wilson documentary, which sounds splendid, but did find this interview and clips of contemporary performances - the flour throwing during one set reminded me of a horrific time when I went to the Sheffield Leadmill in the early eighties only to discover it was a King Kurt concert and discovered throwing bags of flour over each other was what the fans did - try getting a taxi after that!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suppose being an outsider is a question of choice.You are an Outsider if you do not choose to be an outsider.....for Burroughs,for example, it was clearly a choice.For Gary Wilson,he would have loved to be an 'Insider',but he had no choice.....he was Outside whether he liked it or not.

the saucer people said...

That was the part that was giving me a headache - those artists who desperately want to be "inside" but because of perceived "lack of commercial talent", "rudimentary" musical skills or a personality that just doesn't fit the mould, they remain forever outside the corporate machine.

Also I think if you are a bit of an "outsider" yourself, then this kind of music has a resonance beyond the mere "ironic" - not that a fully integrated, successful, functioning member of society cannot love music like this - but an identification with other "outsiders" occasionally makes you more, shall we say, receptive to this kind of music... or not.

Anyway, I "dig" the snakes and ladders journey DIEORDIY2 is taking us on through the musical landscape and its more obscure outlying territories (jesus, I was about to say 'liminal zones', now that would have been embarrassing for everyone concerned).

Jonny Zchivago said...

Real glad you dig!
I could have carried on posting acres of Drone epics,and believe me they will resurface, but I have to keep myself interested.Basically I like strange music,especially when its done outside(there's that word again) of the system. Always been an outsider myself,but being good at sport kept me accepted by the normals,the insiders. Luckily I have stayed outside the system for my entire adult life so far.....highly recommended.
Should I post The Shaggs? Or The Legendary Stardust Cowboy? Or are they too obvious?