Saturday, 25 April 2015

Con-Hertz ‎– "Face On Radio" (Auricle ‎– AMC 016) 1986

A rather good Schnitzler collaboration with Wolfgang Hertz from between 1980/2,released on the Freeman Brothers' Auricle label.
On reflection I have to admit that I think this is better than any of CS's 'monochrome' series.Mainly because i'm a sucker for recorded radio voices and found dialogue samples,especially mixed in with abstract analogue electronics,provided by my favourite synths the Korg MS10 and MS20 (I sold my MS20 for £23 in 1986!.....Twat!).
The sounds are also more processed than earlier works,thanks duly to the input of Wolfgang "Hertz" Heusmann. These tracks are basically Schnitzler source recordings manipulated and remixed by Herr Hertz. Never released officially,until complied by Audion Magazine's Alan Freeman in 1986,to spread this great work to a wider audience.
Of special interest is the track title "The Fourth Reich",an anthem for the NWO times we live in today.Herr Schnitzler is well out of it,leaving a vast and growing legacy.


1 CHz 1 (29.25)
2 CHz 2 (4.37)
3 CHz 3 (7.52)
4 The Fourth Reich (9.41)
5 Face On Radio (5.05)

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kingpossum said...

Especially brilliant, this one. Perfect headphone soundtrack for a long flight. Thanks for the post.

Chris S said...

The recording that sold me on him... Classic!

Alan Freeman said...

please remove your direct download link.

Official listening and download - high quality flac plus bonus tracks here

CDR reissue available to buy here

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Alan, I have replaced the link with your bandcamp link,

Alan Freeman said...

Link is still point to your Google Drive rar

Jonny Zchivago said...

No it doesn't?

Alan Freeman said...

Better now.