Sunday, 12 April 2015

Asmus Tietchens ‎– "Musik Im Schatten" (Auricle ‎– AMC 034/Aeon) 1982/1988

The evolution of electronic music started off with people making a string of funny noises with oscillators and tape splicing equipment.then they made a string of funny noises with the early synthesisers, then 'the'y made attempts to play Bach on on a Mini Moog, with string sections provided by Mellotrons;this was the first Low in electronic music. Then it got good when synthetic music was made with a simple repetitious Rock'n'roll influenced slant,which gave us Tubeway Army,and a legion of minimal synth acts. This era inexplicably waned into the eighties, where electronic bands tried to sound like non-electronic bands,with those awful DX7 Trumpet settings, and Linn Drum sampled drum sounds.The second Low in E-music.
The age of the sampler gave us such atrocities as 'N.n.n.n.n.n.nineteen', endless James Brown loops,and sampling whole sections of instantly recognisable classics, with 'Rapping' over the top.One glaring example that should have resulted in some kind of capital punishment , was that Puff Daddy (Ugh!....just saying that twats name gives me a migraine) Police rip off piece of crap.
Then everything went back to real synthesiser sounds.
This cassette comes from the string of funny noises spliced together era, pre-wakeman/Emerson,but made in the early eighties.A kind of retro-stockhausen vibe when all were slipping into emulating real instruments,electronically. If they wanted real instruments,why didn't they use real instruments?
Tietchens uses electronic sound as it should be used, to try and create soundscapes that hadn't existed before.Also, it sounds so bloody good.


A1Elektrauma (9:21)
A2Undine (10:06)
B1Nosferatu (3:29)
B2Du Darfst (8:27)
B3Elektroland (6:26)

DOWNLOAD some elektronik schatt HERE!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the asmus releases

Alan Freeman said...

Sadly o/p - our licence expired and we tried to get licence for CD reissues, but it never worked out. BTW slightly different versions can be found in the VOD 4K7 LP set