Friday, 2 May 2014

Jandek - "Foreign Keys" (Corwood 0749) 1985

Nancy returns with her female touch for most of side 2. Here she sounds more ‘assertive’,even angry, as she blasts out Jandeks minimal lyrics, with some liberal vocal improvisation.John apparently didn't kill himself,unless Jandek plays the drums(?); as those arrhythmic drums make a welcome return,as does that grating electric guitar, slashing and burning anything that remotely resembles a note.
 The duet with Jandek, "River to Madrid",is a rival to Johnny Cash and June carter's 'Jackson', but on a lethal cocktail of Peyote and sleeping pills; country music for the padded cells of a secure institution. 
The white knuckle ride,and highlight of the album, that is ‘Ballad of Robert’, is one of the most unglamorous, accurate, and realistic odes to serious mental illness ever committed to record.It sounds like a field recording of a riot in the 'Halfway House' just before Medication time. This is a powerful album that will have your neighbours petitioning for you to be sectioned.


A1 Spanish In Me 5:35
A2 Lost Cause 4:31
A3 Caper 5:40
A4 Uncle Steve 2:28
A5 Don’t Be So Mean 2:08
A6 Coming Quiet 2:22
B1 Needs No Sun 3:11
B2 Oh No 2:35
B3 Some Of Your Peace 2:35
B4 Put It Away 4:25
B5 Ballad Of Robert 3:50
B6 River To Madrid 4:50

DOWNLOAD the keys to foreign doors  of perception HERE!

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