Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Flores Feias - "F .˙. F .˙." (Meia-Vida - Mv32) 2015

Moving on from Rapael Flores,how about segueing with some different flora, with Flores Feias? Which means 'Ugly Flowers' in Portuguese, a very accurate description of the music on this Blog methinks?
I do harbor a proud reputation of being stuck in the past, in fact hardly venturing past 1984, for good reason.However, every now and again I hear a modern recording that doesn't bore the living shit out of me! One of these very recordings is this limited edition C-40 from the Brazilian cassette label, Meia-Vida. A solo project by Aline Vieira, it has echo's of the good side of Lydia' lunch's "Queen of Siam" LP, and in equal measures, the more minimal scratchy elements of NY No Wave. It doesn't hinder none that the perpetrator is the very opposite to an ugly flower to complete the equation.Brains and Beauty is a rare combination,and here's evidence that it exists.
In my humble opinion, the best Record of 2015.

Tracks and Links:

A1 Fetiche
A2 Feitico
A3 Sensimesmado
A4 Flutuar
B1 Foice
B2 Flores Feias


Pisŧöff said...

Leonard Nimoy once said
"Logic is a pretty flower...that smells BAAAD"


paulo said...

i have this one. also one of my favorite tapes of last year. it's stil on repeat here in my happy house

Anonymous said...

Thank you! The first track is incredible.

Kzka said...

I gotta admit, you are really funny.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Funny Ha Ha,or Funny peculiar?

Kzka said...

Well both of course, but in this case I meant "Ha Ha." Your take on things is half the fun!

icastico said...

Went over to bandcamp and got this one. Thanks for the tip.

Thomas said...

Thanks – didn't know this one.

You wouldn't by any chance happen to have Divergência Socialista's "Christine Keeler" tape from 1986? It's on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/136271601 + https://vimeo.com/137247007), but apparently nowhere else.