Friday, 9 October 2015

MAP - "MAP 7 No.3" (MAP Tapes MAP7) 1981

This hopelessly obscure C-60 starts off splendidly with the first couple of tracks using (we'd say sampling nowadays) found voices,and clandestinely recorded conversations.The highlight being a little girl(who'll be in her late thirties now!) who comes up with the inspired nonsense phrase of "Punch the ceiling over alllll the people", which i admit,I've always wanted to do.
When the music kicks in proper, it can remind one of anything from the space and weirdness of classic period Residents, to a Bontempi organ version of Neu.
As far as these ears are concerned, you can't get better vibrations for your hammer and anvils than this endlessly inventive fizzing casiotone samplefest, buzzing round yer cochlea's.

Track Listing:

01 Nice Things In Tins
02 C.B. Voices
03 Chameleon
04 On Broadway
05 The Action
06 Parts of the Action
07 The Curse of the Cat People
08 Debauchery
09 Art Thugs
10 Disease

DOWNLOAD a map of how to make diy electronica HERE!


Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff. Do you know if he's still making music/or even alive for that matter? Seems like an unrecognized mad genius. I'd be interested to hear what he's been up to today.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes he's still active today,among other things he's part of a resurrected 5XOD.

Rob Lawrence said...

Many thanks for sorting out the MAP 7 covers!