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Severed Heads - "Blubberknife" (Terse Tapes TRS822/ Ink Records IT00A) 1982

Ahhh, the beautiful sunny land that is Australia.Full of blissfully happy athletes, well treated ethnic minorities (i'm joking here!), and one of the world's highest standards of living. The good life, barbeques, Castlemaine XXXX, Ayres rock, Sydney Opera House,not forgetting SPK, The Birthday Party and Severed Heads????......wait a minute, maybe the Aussies aren't that happy after all?
Whats gone wrong in this sub tropical paradise?
Australia is the last place you would expect to be home to great Punk bands like the Saints, and the Birthday Party (not Goth), and especially not any Industrial bands. But this happened?
Yeah, life ain't no bed of roses in the downtown districts of Sydney and other cities in Oz. Also you've got one of the most intense 'Jock' cultures on the planet, with the bleached mullet and vest brigade over compensating at every turn. This is no environment for the sensitive and artistic kid, which leads to a very productive and angry section of Oz society, and i don't blame 'em.I'm getting pissed off just writing this!
This garbled social comment goes someway to explaining away the existence of Severed Heads, and their contemporaries, SPK. Which usually concluded in a move to London, or Berlin!
Early Severed Heads music was characterized by the use of tape loops, noisy arrangements of synthesizers, and other dissonant sound sources. Everything is chucked into a dissonant blender, creating the dense mass of misanthropy that crowds the tape of this 1982 tape release.

Track Listing:

Adolf A Carrot
Link Rocket Summer [Live At Stranded 8th April 1982]

Deano's Couch

An American In Paris/Tarzan's Grip


Lower Than The Grave

J. Edgar Hoover/CMID [Live]

Ad Infinitum

DOWNLOAD a blubberknife HERE!

3 comments: said...

Late to the party but thankful this is still up. Thank-you.

steve said...

cool album, early sevs was a strange beast. was gonna buy the deluxe edition with the bonus live set the other day for bandcamp friday only to find that the fucks took it off for some reason. hoping this means a reissue is on the way or something, fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

blubberknife deluxe as in download version? it is reissue of cd-r 2002 release. tom took it off 2 years ago.