Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Leibstandarte SS MB ‎– "Weltanschauung" (Come Org ‎– WDC 881018VKZ3) 1982

Here we go, Nazisploitation album part two.
Nothing sells like a pair of Tits, sharks, or a Nazi.....and here we have a pair of 'Tits'(Bianchi and Bennett) selling an album of Noise, chock-a-bloc full of Nazis, with Come Organisation playing the part of the Shark.
In all fairness it'snot quite as bad as the previous effort by Leibstantart SS MB, "Triumph Of The Will", as it only has one track that features a collage of Nazi Speeches.The culprit responsible was possibly Maurizio Himself rather than William Bennett this time;as 'MB' didn't disown this one, unlike "Triumph Of The Will".
Although "Triumph Of The Will" would make a superb backing track to 'Brexit', as this Nietzschean phrase is often heard spouted by all Brexshitters from cost(50Billion Quid) to coast and beyond. That said,looking at your average 'Brexshitter', that other famed Nietzschean term, The "Uber-Mensch", couldn't be further from an accurate description of these lazy mobility scooter bound intellectual minnow xeno-scumbags,who are more often than not, 'On the Sick'*.....the Nazi catchphrase "Unter-Mensch" is far more appropriate....and for my money, the re-introduction of the Nazi euthanasia program for these little englander dicks would cleanse the gene pool immeasurably.
"Drain the Swamp" said the Donald. 

*a term used in the UK to refer to the person in question claiming disability/sickness benefits for their 'Back-ache', or any other imaginary synonym for 'Fat and Lazy'......don't see these geezers queuing up at the Job Centre to fill those lengthening vacancy stats for fruit picking jobs, now that our swarthy but hard working Romanian chums are too scared to go to the UK to help. And they(Brexshitters) are too Thick to fill the 10,000 vacancies in the crisis ridden National Health Service,of which these malingerers waste hundreds of thousands of NHS pounds with their 'Bad Backs'......its time for Bill Gates' Agenda 21 depopulation conspiracy theory to become a conspiracy reality?


A1 Weltanschauung 18:05
A2 Under The Victory Banner 6:53
B1 Endoradiation 11:52
B2 SS 20 Attack 12:08

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