Thursday, 29 October 2015

Come ‎– "I'm Jack" (Come Organisation ‎– WDC 881012) 1981

Come get noisy on this one.Trademark  Minimal Wasp  frying noise,like an insect trapped in your inner ears,laying maggots that eat into your cerebral cortex and shit it out again onto the grooves of this translucent orange disc.
Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell is the uncredited guest artist accompanying Bennett, somehow, among the sparse oscillator torture. 


A - President Your Prick's Stiff (14:58)
B - By God's Very Own Fuck (15:11)

DOWNLOAD from the president's stiff prick HERE!


Robert said...

Wow. You know, in about 10 years of looking, this is the only time Ive seen this one posted anywhere. Rampton comes up once in a while, but not this.
Thank you so much. Today you have made an old man very, very happy

Jonny Zchivago said...

I do try to please. This record has a pretty nostalgic appeal for me myself, I can still smell the patchouli oil in the hippie underground record shop (The Very Bazaar,Leicester) as i pounced on this strange looking translucent orange disc. It was run by Lydon's mate ,Jock McDonald 's, brother Martin.And he could get loads of stuff hot off the presses via Small wonder. That and all the Residents albums made this stinky hole in the ground a home from home.